ABA National Title For Portsmouth Boxer The all new Heart of Portsmouth (HOP) Boxing Academy was celebrating this weekend after 12 yr old Ashleigh Pond won the ABA National Female Boxing Title on Saturday 6th June 2009 held in Manchester Boxing Academy. Head coach of the HOP Junior boxers Paul Kapnisi was delighted with Ashleigh’s performance, “Ashleigh showed a lot of potential in her bout dominating the bout from the start of round 1and she boxed to instructions that was given to her from the corner. The bout was not easy, her opponent Remi Walker from Canvey has been boxing for 3 years and had had 3 bout to Ashleigh’s nine month’s and 0 bouts. I was very impressed in how Ashleigh maintained control of the bout throughout the three rounds. The first round Ashleigh stuck to straight punches using her reach and height advantage, the second round Walker tried to come back into the bout letting go with some big punches, Ashleigh defended the blows and countered very well, in the third round Ashleigh pushed the now tired Walker back and used some fancy footwork to land some very effective combinations. The final score was 13-2 to Pond.

ABA of England Advanced Coach “Q” Shillingford added this is fantastic for the City; Ashleigh Pond has worked very hard to achieve her win, her dedication and commitment to training is unquestionable and she is a shinning example to what young people can do if they put their mind to it, she is also a role model to young females pushing the barriers for sport at all levels, having been involved in amateur boxing for over 30 yrs at all levels, this young person can take her boxing as far as she wants.

ABA Chairman Keith Walters said: Watching young Ashleigh Pond was very enjoyable she picked her punches, kept calm throughout the bout and her footwork was exceptional for a first bouter, her opponent had a lot of experience over her and they both did very well.

“Q” explained “That was 12 year old’s Ashleigh’s first bout after joining HOP approx. 9 months ago; when Ashleigh joined she was put onto the National Boxing Awards programme in which she has worked her way through the six stages of the awards, gaining her 6 ABA National Certificates and Medals. The National Boxing Awards takes a boxer from walking into the gym, knowing nothing about boxing to getting into the ring for their first bout. For further information regarding the National Awards Scheme, log onto www.boxingawards.co.uk