Ebonie Jones with ABAE CEO Mark Abberley

ABAE CEO Mark Abberley went south on Thursday, 23rd May 2013 to visit the fast developing Heart of Portsmouth Boxing Academy (H.O.P). The Academy which is situated in the centre of Portsmouth is also next to Charter Academy and works daily with the school students delivering educational, recreational and competitive boxing to all year groups on curriculum time.

The Boxing educational programme is in its 4th year of delivery, the boxing educational course which is accredited by the ASDAN examining board and teaches the basics of the sport along with key skills such as team work, problem solving, research, discussion and improving own learning and performance.

Dame Sharon Hollows, Principal of Charter Academy said: “The inclusion of amateur boxing to Charter Academy has been fantastic. The sport has had a very positive impact on all our students. The sport is very new for many of them, but they’re all enjoying learning about it. The year ten students worked very hard this year to complete the Boxing Educational course and the school is very proud of them.”

The Heart of Portsmouth Boxing Academy runs non-contact boxing www.boxingawards.co.uk breakfast club and after-school boxing sessions, as well as recreational boxing for the school’s PE students.

In the evenings it opens for non contact and competitive boxing for all in the community.

ABAE CEO Mark Abberley said “The school club link is firmly embedded at H.O.P with Charter Acdaemy, they work with lots of schools and youth organizations in the city of Portsmouth and are really making the difference in the city. The facilities at H.O.P are very impressive.”

Mark Abberley also had the opportunity to congratulate H.O.P boxer and Charter Academy student – Ebonie Jones who has recently been selected to represent England in the European Union Women’s Elite, Youth & Junior Boxing Championships in Keszthely, Hungary, 30 June – 7 July 2013.

The CEO attended Ebonie’s boxing theory lesson, where Ebonie and her class mates had organised a discussion on – “the moral issues of boxing” and he was very impressed with all the year 10 students on the boxing educational course.