HOP Boxers will be punching fit as they take part in a Punchbag marathon on Saturday 2nd July 2011 at the Heart of Portsmouth Boxing Academy, Charter Sports Centre, Greetham Street, Portsmouth in aide of former Portsmouth Boxer Joshua Leigh who is suffering with an temporal insular tumor on the brain, professionally known as “oligodendrogloma, WHO grade II.”

HOP Senior Boxers Coach Colin Williams who has organised the event said, a lot of the HOP boxers look up to boxers like Josh Leigh who boxed at a very good level and has represented Portsmouth City, Hampshire and Southern Counties on many occasions. HOP feel we would like to support and help Josh Leigh by raising awareness of the condition and raising some money to assist in paying for some of the safety and emergency equipment Josh will need with this type of condition.

“Prognosis for this tumor is good and these tumors respond well to radiotherapy and chemotherapy,” but Josh will need to be strong through these trying times.

Colin Williams who also fought off cancer of the testicular – stomach and spine for a few years, Colin even had to travel to Mexico for treatment as well as being treated at St Mary’s Hospital in Portsmouth.

Colin said: We are a boxing family in the City of Portsmouth and when I was ill, the boxing fraternity helped me through my illness. All the clubs came together and supported me and because of that support and strength they showed, that is what kept me going against my fight with cancer especially when the going got tough. I am proud now as are all boxing people in Portsmouth to help and support Josh Leigh in one of his toughest bouts.

If you would like to show your support, please come to the Heart of Portsmouth Boxing Academy and show support to the HOP Boxers who will be punching the punch bags for 12 hrs, starting at 6am till 6pm on Saturday 2nd July 2011. Donations in aide of the Joshua Lee Trust will be well received.

For further information please contact Colin Williams on 07931345003.