Ebonie JonesJack FeatherstoneHeart of Portsmouth’s ABA of England female boxing champion Ebonie Jones, (13 years old who attends Springfield School) and is sponsored by South Parade Pier, which is owned by Dawn Randall, for boxing (HOP) and kickboxing (SKA), will be running a 12-mile run on 11 December at 10:30 from Uplands Road, Denmead and finishing at South Parade Pier. Ebonie has also had 3 British Title Bouts in kickboxing.

The run is in aid of Emma Parsons who is a 34-year-old lady who’s lived in Portsmouth her whole life. Sadly, she was diagnosed with terminal cervical cancer 2 years ago. The NHS in Portsmouth has no more treatment for Emma so she has to travel to Sutton The Royal Marsden for treatment every 3 weeks. We don’t know how much they’ll offer her as it’s very expensive, so the more money we can raise will help pay for more treatment. If the worst happens it will go into a trust fund for Emma’s 14-year-old son Harry.

If you wish to sponsor Ebonie please contact Kelly Appleton on 07557 531 181 or email address at kappleton87@gmail.com