The Heart of Portsmouth Boxing Academy put on another bumper show full of action with 18 bouts on Saturday 1st February 2013. Numbers swelled as the bell rang at the Charter Sports Centre, Portsmouth.

Bailey Fowler

The long awaited rematch between the skillful HOP’s Bailey Fowler and Last years National finalist Mark Chamberlain (Team Wisman) did not disappoint. A few weeks earlier Chamberlain did enough to impress the judges to win the bout but this time it was not to be. Fowler stuck to his game plan and dominated from the centre of the ring with fast and accurate counter punches, as the tough and strong Chamberlain attacked. Both boxers landing hurtful punches at blistering speed. But it was as Fowlers accuracy that stole the show and he won on a split decision of the judges.

Show opener’s was an evenly matched skill bouts, which allows the first timers the opportunity to box at a boxing show in a skilled and controlled environment, (no decision) each skill bout drew warm applause from the crowd and all the boxers did very well. Both HOP boxers – Holly May and Billy Wilcox were very impressive whilst showing there boxing skills over three rounds.

An all action bout saw Paris Williams (H.O.P) go down on a majority decision against the more experienced B Eaton (5 Star ABC), both boxers put in a good performance. The bout was fought at a very fast pace, both boxers giving there all.

HOP’s Bailey Donald boxed to instructions against a tall opponent, using his speed and strength to dominate over the three rounds from the start to finish. Switching from head to body and using two and three punch combinations to secure a comfortable unanimous win.

HOP’s ever developing boxer Joe Coltas did not waist any time as he dismissed his opponent H Fuller (Guildford ABC). Coltas was straight to business as he pinned his opponent to the ropes sending in left and right hook’s to the body causing the referee to give a standing count. Coltas moved in for the finish and was on his opponent like in a flash with fast combination punching, forcing the referee to stop the bout in favor of Coltas.

H.O.P’s Harry Brown jumped in to box at short notice against T O’Donnell (Hooks ABC). Harry Brown boxed very well, pushing his opponent back whilst keeping him at long range. Brown won on a very convincing unanimous decision of the judges.

Controversy struck after HOP’s rising star Billy Cable v B Cole (Sporting Ring) looked to have done enough to win a very close and exciting bout and was awarded the split decision, only to be called back into the ring to have the decision reversed. Very disappointing after such a hard and well fought bought from both boxers.

H.O.P’s Tyler Hall, put in a positive and very skillful performance against J Robertson (Tavern ABC). Hall used his fast hand speed and boxing skill and fast footwork to outmaneuver his opponent whilst landing accurate counter punches. Hall won on a unanimous decision of the judges.

A really close and exciting local bout was between HOP’s Tom Ward and M Gatenby (Chimes ABC). The aggressive and persistent Ward kept the pace high with Gatenby on the retreat and countering well. Both boxers gave there all, after three hard fought rounds Gatenby got the nod on a tight Split decision of the judges.

H.O.P’s Owen Ballingall put in a good performance against L Dentith (Team Wiseman) in his debut bout three rounds of all action, saw Dentith get the points decision.


H.O.P’s National Champion Joe Hunt gave away age weight and experience to take on National Champion M Chalk (Guildford ABC), Hunt put in a top performance putting together some classy combinations with lightning hand speed. Hunt lost on a tight split decision of the judges, which could of gone either way.

Harry Blick made his H.O.P debut against the very tough and aggressive B Chester (Team Wiseman ABC). Blicks pace, accuracy and speed proved too much for the game Chester and Blick won on a unanimous points win.

Final bout of the night saw HOP’s Ahamed Adenas the exciting and aggressive boxer finished the show with a clear points win to gain revenge in this rematch J Spear (Bognor ABC).
Adenas started the bout as he meant to go on, non stop attacks to head and body saw him walk away with a unanimous points win of all judges.

H.O.P Head Coach of “Junior Boxers” Paul Kapnisi said “I am delighted to get so many of our boxers out. This show was a good opportunity to get the boxers ready for the forthcoming national championships”.

HOP Boss – Q Shillingford MBE- was very happy with the event, he said this show was put on to promote amateur boxing within the city of Portsmouth; all the bouts were very evenly matched and some could have gone either way. We have got some very good talent in the city who are showing promise in going all the way to the top of there sport. H.O.P would like to thank the officials for all there hard work and ensuring the show was supported and run correctly. And big thank you to the HOP Coaches and volunteers who did a great job in setting up the event and running the show from start to finish.