Greg Bridet

Greg Bridet

Olympic hopeful and Heart of Portsmouth Boxing Academy Heavyweight Star (91kg) Greg Bridet sensationally out gunned his Welsh counter part in a thriller of a bout at Hereford on Saturday 1st February 2014 as England Boxing took on Wales.  Bridet faced seasoned International and Welsh boxing champion Kory Davies on the final bout of the evening as England walked away with a 7– 3 win against Wales. Once again Bridet was taking on a very experience opponent in bouts and International experience, however Bridet was not fazed.  After three hard fought rounds Bridet was given a majority points decision by a 2-1 judges verdict.  The bout was an all action affair with both boxers landing heavy and hurtful punches, Bridet marched forward in the last round, relentlessly hitting to head and body to seal his International win.  The bout was never going to be easy however and the GB Development Boxer Bridet, used his tactics and technical skill to his advantage.  The bout proved to be one of the most exciting of the evening and saw Bridet, gear up, as the rounds went on.

An ecstatic Bridet said – “This is what it is all about, I have trained very very hard for this moment and listened to my coaches and kept to the game plan. know matter what, “Q” and Colin always have the game plans ready and we work with a few, so we can change at any time, I have won the Elite title, and now I want to keep winning on the International stage and represent England/ GB Boxing all over the world.

Greg Bridet wins against Wales Kory Davies.

England’s Greg Bridet wins against Wales Kory Davies.

The first round, the bout started as it meant to go on, with massive support for home boxer trying to push Bridet back and control the centre of the ring.  Bridet was having none of it and matched Davies blow for blow.  The round finished in favor of Davies, with both boxers landing well a change of tactics in the second round.  The Bridet assault – went to high tempo work, throwing medium and short range hooks and uppercuts inside, then throwing lots of punches to the body and landing short uppercuts and hooks inside to the head.  Bridet started switch hitting – this worked very well and saw Davies holding a lot as Bridet raised the tempo again, as the punches were beginning to take there toll on the Welsh National Champion. The last round Bridet used his strength and unbelievable fitness to take Davies out of his comfort zone, piling on the pressure, switch hitting at all angles, keeping a high tempo.

The Welsh Champion Kory Davies desperately trying to keep control of the bout by fighting in flusters to keep a handle on things.  But Bridet began to run away with the contest with his relentless and accurate switch hitting style proved too much, Bridet grabbed victory.

HOP Coach “Q” Shillingford explained, we knew we had another tough operator who has been on the circuit at a high level a lot of bouts and a lot of wins.

We were also aware that he had won a GB title as a youth and boxed internationally for some time.  Greg knew he had his hands full prior to the bout and was ready and prepared for a full on assault with the Welsh Champion.  On completion of the International match both boxers were awarded the bout of the evening to show how much both boxers and there performance were appreciated. Bridet is now preparing to go to Germany with Team GB for a week.

Kory Davies and Greg Bridet accepting their trophies

Kory Davies and Greg Bridet accepting their trophies

Bridet gets GB call up –

“Q” added –Bridet had been selected to represent Team GB in another International event to box in Germany – From 8th March 2014, Bridet will spend a week in Germany on a GB Boxing training camp and then compete against the German Heavyweight Champion at the end of the training camp.  We have lots to do and lots to prepare for, Bridet can not afford to take his foot off the gas or eye off the target.  The hard work has just got tougher.