Ebonie Jones wins against Caitlin Sweeney - Ireland

Ebonie Jones wins against Caitlin Sweeney – Ireland


50kg Ebonie Jones England V Caitlin Sweeney Ireland

Starting the team off in the championships was Ebonie Jones, last years Gold medallist, with her speed and skill in the first round it wasn’t long before Ebonie relaxed into the bout.

The Irish girl was picked off as Ebonie moved in and out of range, throwing punches to the head and body with both hands.

This continued into the second round with Ebonie getting stronger and stronger

Halfway through the round Ebonie caught her opponent with a rear hand to the head, forcing the Irish girls head back, causing the referee to step in and give a standing count. From that point on it looked like the Irish girl was happy to survive the rest of the bout.

Ebonie dominated the remaining round with her combinations and forcing her opponent onto her back foot throughout

Ebonie finished the clear winner by a unanimous decision

Ebonie now faces German boxer Anika Scheuermann