Ebonie Jones against Italy's Lucy Garofalo

Ebonie Jones against Italy’s Lucy Garofalo

England International Ebonie Jones , made her way out to the centre of the ring where they both stayed, each having some success with their initial punches.  The volume of punches from Ebonie to the head and body, at times overwhelmed the Italian.  It took Ebonie half the round to get her timing right with her back hand over the top of her opponent’s punches.  When she got the timing right and followed with a straight lead hand through the Italian’s defence, the Italian looked bewildered.
In the second round the Italian tried to smother Ebonie and mess up her style, this did have some effect as Ebonie stood toe-to-toe for a short while trading one-for-one punches, Ebonie had to give a bit of ground to get back to her style and shape.  In the last round Ebonie changed her tactics and moved around the outside of the ring so that she could maintain her style.
Even though Ebonie managed to get her combinations off, the Italian was still there throwing her own punches.  Ebonie caught her opponent square in the middle of the ring and hit her with a solid rear hand, which jerked her head back, well deserving a count which didn’t occur.
Ebonie got the unanimous points decision (0-3) and now competes against the Polish boxer Agata Kawecka in the final
This was another great performance from the England boxer.