Network Rail sponsored Show

Heart of Portsmouth Boxing Academy in partnership with Network Rail put on a boxing Bonanza with 18 bouts held at the Mountbatten Centre on Saturday 4th June 2011.

Network Rail sponsored the show which allowed the event to be free of charge to the public, the show was also well supported by the VIP’s ranging form local council and schools teachers and youth group managers.

Portsmouth North MP Penny Mordaunt was on hand to present the GB National Boxing Awards medals to the youngsters (before all the action started) who have just finished their half term HOP boxing camp. As was Councilor Blake (Paulsgrove) who enjoyed the afternoons entertainment. Julian Wandsworth MBE and his Portsmouth youth RESPECT programme also supported the list of 20 VIP’s at the event.

Southern Counties ABA President and Portsmouth own John Faulkner was delighted with the show and selected the best runner up (HOP Elliot Lyons) and the best boxer trophy (HOP Henry Eley) at the end of the bumper to bumper boxing event.

Hampshire and IOW ABA Chairman and local pub landlord David Rogers supported the event as one of the referees’s and was said to be delighted with the show, the atmosphere was great he said

With over 800 spectators throughout the afternoon which started at 1pm and finished at 5pm. Boxing Teams from as far as Newquay, Plymouth, Oakmead, London, Southend, Brighton, Eastleigh, Bristol and local clubs, Copnor and Waterlooville and IOW all took part.

Show opener was a skills bout (no decision) with two HOP Boxers Jack Fenton and Paul Kantorski both HOP boxers did very well, demonstrating skill and ability after three rounds.

Henry Eley boxed very well to take a unanimous decision against Morgan Hart (Downend ABC) , Henry straight punches and fast hands kept him ahead of the bout and always in control. Henry also won and was presented with the best boxer trophy for the event by the President of Southern Counties ABA.

Team mate Elliot Lyons was very unlucky not to get the decision against Newport’s Macauley Barnes. An excellent bout with both boxers working very hard. However Lyons picked up best runner up trophy at the end of the show.

Tasha Cole had it all to do against former kickboxer Amanda Weston Waterlooville ABC, Tasha had to give away age, weight and experience, the first round was very close with Weston Pushing forward and Tasha Cole using her boxing skills and footwork to keep her strong opponent at distance, the bout was proving to be very exciting and just shaping up when a body blow from Weston winded Cole who then could not compose herself in the mandatory 8 second count. Q said “Tasha will now move down now to her championship and normal competition weight group to compete on Saturday 11th June 2011, we took the bout as a prep bout to prepare for the championship, the big event for Cole is the national final Saturday 11th June”.

Terry Singh did very well and was unlucky not to get the decision against Jomel Cabilogan (Downend ABC) the bout was very close with Cabilogan getting the decision after three hard fought contest. Havant Academy School Teacher Biola Kudos had a popular win against Jaime Marshall (Brighton City ABC) Kudus on his debut bout for Heart of Portsmouth put in a fine performance, keeping his opponent at long range and attacking with good effect, in the second round a one two combination put his opponent down, Kudus was always in control from then on and went on to win on a unanimous decision of the judges.

Former National Champion Ashleigh Pond alos had to give away weight, age and experience to get on the H.O.P home show as she took on Olivia Orchard from (Newquay ABC) the bout saw both boxers displaying good ringcraft and lots of effort with Orchard getting the nod from the judges, again Pond will now come down to her Championship boxing weight group for the National final on Saturday 11th June 2011. This was a good warm up bout for her title shot this weekend.

Connor Jepsom on only his second ever bout performed very well against a more experienced and very strong opponent only to come out a runner up against Jake Way (Newquay ABC).

HOP’s reliable Jess Douglass won a unanimous decision against Joel Brown (Southend ABC), Douglass two fisted, long range fast attacks proved to much for his opponent and Jesse ran out a unanimous points winner. Another fine performance by Douglass giving him 9 bouts and 8 wins this season.

Southern Counties Schoolboy Champion and National Semi Finalist Jack Featherstone rallied hard to beat this year Welsh Schoolboy Champion Levi Griffiths (Fairfield ABC). The Welsh Champion was a very awkward southpaw boxer with a long reach advantage. Featherstone took his time and broke down the Welsh Champion defenses. Featherstone also beat this year Scottish Schoolboy Champion earlier this year in Bolton. Jack now has 10 bouts with 8 wins under his belt this season.

The very flashy Robbie Patterson put in a good performance against Charlie Gilmour form ADUR ABC, Patterson’s fancy footwork and elusive style won him a unanimous decision of the judges. This was a very good win for Patterson.

Luke Sylvio, put in a back to form performance and won by a unanimous decision of the judges against Harry Hill (Saltash ABC) Sylvio increased the work rate each round to run out a unanimouse decision of the judges.

Q Shillingford was very happy with the event, he said: I said to Network Rail, “You pay for it, we will deliver it” and they did so HOP delivered. This show was put on to promote amateur boxing within the city of Portsmouth; all spectators entered free of charge and they received a programme with all the local boxing clubs details on the back so they could contact the club nearest to them, should they wish to try out the sport. Also and equally important Network Rail was able to push out their Railway safety message to all the young people at the event. This was truly a very successful event in many ways. “Q” added I would like to thank Lou Stamp and all the officials who sat through 4 hours of competitive boxing and did a very good job. Also the support from Mountbatten Centre and the Centre Manager Danny Churcher. Last but not least The HOP Coaches and volunteers who did a great job in setting up the event and running the show from start to finish.

Ellie Reilly the Community Safety Manager, Network Rail – explained: In 2009/10 the railway in and around Portsmouth area experienced high levels of crime. Many of these offences involved young people risking their lives.

By working with the Heart of Portsmouth Boxing Academy we’ve been able to raise awareness about the dangers of being on the railway if you shouldn’t be there and show young people in the community there are better things to do than messing around on the railway – like boxing!

Network Rail is proud and excited to be working with Heart of Portsmouth Boxing Academy and supporting the young people who took part in the HOP Boxing Show – well done to all!

“Q” points out a few safety hints that everyone should know about railway lines and trains:

Did you know?

Many trains in the South East are powered by 750 volts of electricity which comes from a 3rd rail at the side of the tracks. The electricity in the 3rd rail is never switched off and if any part of you touches it, it can kill you. Trains can travel at up to 125 miles per hour. At this speed, it could take the length of 20 football pitches to stop. This means that if someone is messing around on the line and a train approaches, it is unlikely that it would be able to stop in time. Putting objects on the tracks could cause a train accident which may hurt or kill other people. If you do this you could face a maximum penalty of life imprisonment. Trespassing on the railway is a criminal offence which carries a fine of up to ٟ,000. A child of 10 years or older in England and Wales can be prosecuted and a child of 12 years