HOP Boxer Paris Williams

HOP Boxer Paris Williams

HOP boxers (L) Zoe Woodley and (R) Angela Burden

HOP boxers (L) Zoe Woodley and (R) Angela Burden

The Heart of Portsmouth Boxing Academy put on another all action afternoon of amateur boxing with an action packed 12 bout bill on Saturday 11th October 2014. Numbers swelled as the bell rang at the Charter Sports Centre, Portsmouth.

Show opener’s was 3 evenly matched skill bouts, which allows the first timers the opportunity to box at a boxing show in a skilled and controlled environment, (no decision) each skill bout drew warm applause from the crowd and all the boxers did very well.

Sam Mckeowen v J Cook (Gym 01),

Oliver Taw v D Rowles (Bognor Boxing Club)

Henry Powell v T Mc Bride (Stacey Boxing Club)

All three got there boxing careers off to a confident start.

H.O.P National Champion Oliver Fenton was unlucky not to get a points win, when after an evenly matched bout, Fenton looked to land the cleaner punches even thou his opponent threw more punches. Fenton lost on a tight split decision of the judges.

A strong and confident performance by HOP Paris Williams put her ahead in all three judges’ score cards.  Paris Williams dominated the bout from the start to finish landing hurtful shots from the start. Williams won on a unanimous decision of the judges.

HOP’s Bailey Donald had a good bout, after three evenly contested rounds.  C Smith from  Sporting Ring Boxing Club won on a unanimous decision of the judges.

HOP’s Joe Coultas and last season’s National Semi Finalist took on Mohammed Islam (Newham Boxing Club).  Both boxers started at a very good pace, with Coultas pressing home his advantage in the later part of the rounds.  Coultas last round assault confirmed the victory and he won on a unanimous decision of the judges.

Another of HOP’s National level boxer Jack Fenton was very unlucky not to get the decision against the very tough and durable B Cole (Sporting Ring Boxing Club).  Both boxers went at each other from the bell.  Landing hurtful and pain seeking shots. The bout had the crowd on their feet as both boxers refused to give ground. Again the decision could have gone either way, and Cole got it on a tight split decision.

HOP’s two senior female boxers Zoe Woodley and Angela Burden both had success on their boxing debuts.

Zoe Woodley put in a rugged and sustained pressure performance against a tough and very durable D Carter (Gym 01 Boxing Club).  Woodley’s nonstop attacks and combinations from head to body impressed the judges.  Woodley was also taking a lot of her opponent punches on the gloves and arms. The tactics earned her a point’s decision of her well-deserved win.    

HOP’s Angela Burden, straight punches and fast combinations won her a unanimous decision over her opponent K Baker (Brighton and Hove Boxing Club). Burden kept her opponent at range by using her reach advantage before slamming in rear hands to the head and body.  This was a solid performance form Burden and a well-deserved win.

HOP’s hard hitting middleweight Eric Nwankwo was top of the bill and he did not disappoint.

Nwankwo fast and long probing jab’s to head and body finished with a punishing overhand rear hand to the head or body proved very effective in the bout against C Etherington (Wickham Boxing Club).  Nwankwo had a good bout dominating from the center of the ring before unleashing fast and furious combination punches.

H.O.P Head Coach junior boxer Paul Kapnisi said “I am delighted to get our boxers out so early in the season, ready for the forthcoming championships”.  An early bout in the season allows the coaches to see where the boxer is in preparation for the forthcoming tournaments. 

Coaches – Matt Fenton, Colin Brown, Andy Bradford, Ricky Jeffery, Tom Spicer.

H.O.P Head Coach Senior Boxers Colin Williams said – Eric Nwankwo put in a fine performance and got a god win under his belt. He listened to instructions and executed the tactics very well.

Coaches – Jason Evans, Sami Elslamanabi,

Coach Jo Ward with HOP boxers Angela Burden and Zoe Woodley

Coach Jo Ward with HOP boxers Angela Burden and Zoe Woodley

HOP’s female Coach Jo Barrat Ward was delighted with her three boxers who all won their bouts and thanked all the coaches at HOP for their support in preparing the boxers for their bouts.

HOP’S Head Coach – “Q” Shillingford was very happy with the event, he said  This show was put on to promote amateur boxing within the city of Portsmouth; all the boxers boxed very well, the bouts were very evenly matched and some could have gone either way.  H.O.P would like to thank the officials for all there hard work and ensuring the show was supported and run correctly.

A big thank you to the HOP Coaches and Volunteers who did a great job in setting up the event and running of the show from start to finish.