Gregory Bridét winning the national semi finalsHeart of Portsmouth Boxing Academy senior Heavyweight Star (91kg) Greg Bridet sensationally won the Senior ABA Semi Final on Saturday 6th April 2013 at the TA Army Centre, London.

Gregory Bridét reached the National FinalsBridét faced well seasoned, London ABA Champion Martin McDonagh (Lynn ABC).

Despite giving away a lot of experience and age, Bridét was not fazed. After three hard fought rounds Bridét was given a unanimous points decision by all 5 of the ABA judges. The bout was an all action affair with both boxers landing heavy and hurtful punches, Bridét marched forward in the last round, relentlessly ensuring his victory to go forward into the ABA of England Elite final 2013.

The bout was not easy however and the newly selected GB Development Boxer changed tactics three times within the bout to ensure victory. The bout proved to be one of the most exciting of the day and saw both boxers exhausted after 3 rounds of non stop boxing action.

In the first round, the bout started as it meant to go on, with Bridet putting the London Champion under a lot of pressure using his orthodox stance and keeping the tempo very high. In the second round Bridét switched to Southpaw stance but kept the tempo high, scoring a lot with the rear hand also switching from head to body and turning at different angles, in his southpaw stance. This tactic worked and the effect of the punches began to slow and back up the strong, rugged and aggressive McDonagh.

The third round proved the biggest test as McDonagh called upon all his experience and strength to try and swing the decision of the bout into his favor, but Bridét held on as his fitness and conditioning shone through matching his opponent blow by blow and then sending in his own accurate and hurtful combinations to keep ahead and secure the victory.

HOP Coach “Q” Shillingford explained, we knew we had a tough operator who has been on the circuit for over 17 years, with well over 50 bouts experience and a few national titles under his belt. We were also aware that he had beaten two very good boxers to reach the Elite Semi Finals this year, one of them being Ben Lleyemi the 2011 Senior ABA Elite Champion and Haringey Cup Gold Medalist 2012. Greg knew he had his hands full prior to the bout and was ready and prepared for a war.

“Q” explained Greg Bridét keeps learning as he moves up the different levels against different experienced opponents one bout at a time. His ability to listen and understand what we are doing and how to do it is great. Greg joined HOP only three years ago, from the day he joined he has been a pleasure to train; his commitment, dedication and ability to deliver and box to instructions is why he is where he is today. He understands tactics and game plans and executes them very well, he has an incredible ability to change game plans mid round and mid bout, this is a massive credit in his favor and will move him forward to as far as he wants to go in this sport. He is a shinning example of what can be achieved if you commit and dedicate yourself to a sport. Greg Bridét will be representing the H.O.P, Portsmouth, Hampshire and Southern Counties when he climbs into the ring on Saturday 20th April in Sunderland for the ABA of England Elite Final 2013.

His next opponent in the ABA of England Elite Finals 2013 will be against England International and the North of England Champion Declan Fusco (South Durham ABC). This again will be a tough bout. But we would not have it any other way, Greg has to prove he is the best in the country. To be the best you have to beat the best.