Ryan Colquhoun Portsmouth UniversityGreg Bridet Southampton Solent UniversityTwo local Universities have awarded Heart of Portsmouth Boxing Academy boxer’s Ryan Colquhoun (Portsmouth University) and Greg Bridet (Southampton Solent University) “Elite Sportsman Scholarships”

Paul Tilley, Head of Sport and Recreation at Portsmouth University explained “If you are competing at a regional or international level in your sport you could be eligible for support and funding through one of our Sports Scholarship schemes. Our aim is to help students balance a demanding training and competition schedule with the pressures of achieving a high quality degree. Our scholarship programme runs on two main levels:

Elite Scholars

To apply for an elite scholarship you must be an athlete who have national representation in team sports at U21 or senior level and are on the TASS scheme or identified in the top 10 at U21 level in your relevant sport. You can also apply to this scheme if you are competing for national U18/U21 teams or with a national top 10 ranking at U18s.

The Elite Scholarship provides the following opportunities:


  • Free access to university sports facilities including gym and fitness classes
  • Free membership to your Athletic Union club
  • Sport science support including physiology, psychology and biomechanics
  • Free physiotherapy
  • Personal mentor
  • Academic mentor scheme to represent any academic issues
  • Free sports scholarship kit
  • Strength and conditioning coach
  • Contingency fund (by application) for international competition expenses
  • Grouping in same halls (where eligible and if the University of Portsmouth is your first choice)


H.O.P Coach “Q” Shillingford explained, this is great news for the development of our athletes, as coaches we all know how difficult it is trying to run a club and look after your better boxers (especially those at the top of their game) but with the Universities are on side in development of the boxers fitness/ strength and conditioning, this can only help the cause.

H.O.P are delighted that the two Universities are supporting our lads in this way by helping them achieve there dreams and goals whilst studying at University.