Greg Bridet with HOP CoachesHeart of Portsmouth Boxing Academy senior Heavyweight (91kg) Star Greg Bridet sensationally won the Senior Novice ABA Championships (Clas B) against unbeaten and rising prospect Russell Henshaw (Trinity ABC) on Saturday 10th December at the Mountbatten Centre, Portsmouth.The bout proved to be the most exciting of the day and saw both boxers totally exhausted after 4 rounds of non stop boxing action. From the bell Henshaw came flying out looking to deliver his heavy and dynamite punches that has earned him last years ABA National Class A title and the 11-0 record prior to boxing Bridet.

But this was expected and prepared for, by the HOP camp, Bridet immediately covered up with a tight guard and then started to counter the attack, picking his accurate and hurtful punches to gain points throughout the round.

In the second Henshaw upped the tempo this time switching from head to body, again expected tactics by the HOP camp who then had Bridett concentrating on turning at different angles and throwing punches to the body and bringing the in short and effective uppercuts to the head, this tactic worked and the effect of the punches began to slow and back up the strong and aggressive opponent. Henshaw as also gave a standing count of eight.

Greg Bridet receives his award with Russell HenshawThe third round as expected the tide began to change, Bridett was still on the back foot for the 1st minute but then began to push forward with his own attacks in the second part of the round as Henshaw began to show signs of tiredness. Bridett began to deliver combinations, up and down the body, which made the referee give Henshaw another standing count, Henshaw now far behind on points but still defiant started swinging desperately but still very dangerous.

In the fourth Henshaw went for broke, deperate to land the KO blow that had served him well on his 100 per cent record, Bridet covered up and weathered the storm, before unleashing his own fast and sustained attacks, on Henshaw. Bridett was given a standing count of eight due to a clean hit full on the chin, then it was all back to action with Henshaw looking for the Knockout blow and Bridet using his boxing skill and accuracy to clock up a massive lead to earn him the National Heavyweight crown. After 4 rounds of non stop action and 2 standing counts going to each boxer, Bridet won on a points decision with a massive 51 points to 35. Nothing had the same impact on the day, both boxers gave their all the way to the final bell.

HOP Head Coach of the Senior boxers, Colin Williams was delighted with Bridet’s performance and praised him for listening to his corner and executing the plan to perfection.

Hop Boss “Q” Shillingford explained Greg Bridett has just moved to the next level of amateur boxing, he has proved he can take on the best the country has and soundly beat them, it was a great performance by both boxers. Bridet showed his class, ability to take punches and most of all his heart to win. He stuck to the plan and no matter what he never gave in, the opponent was a very big, strong and fit boxer, but because of Bridet preparations and dedication, he achieved, it is all down to this young man commitment. Dedication and will to win that he is the national champion today. He is a shinning example of what can be achieved if you dedicate yourself to a sport.

To win the National Title in Portsmouth in front of his family, friends and club is fantastic. “Q” also commented on how well the show was presented and what a good job was done by Yinka Bellow and Endre Lock and all at the newly formed Stacey ABC Club.

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