Team England at the European Championship 2017 in Sofia, Bulgaria

Coach Q Shillingford quoted “In life you get lots of “Time and a Place” situations & memories.  European Championship, Sofia, Bulgaria was the “Place” and it was Team England’s “Time”. The coaching team & team manager were on point.  Looked after all of the “Pride” of England to the last detail.  The athletes were professional throughout the tournament.  Gaining massive respect from other national teams and officials.  It was Great to catch up with former GB coach Terry Edwards as well. it’s, 40 years I have been in the sport of boxing as an athlete and coach. After watching these young people/athletes give there all, over this past week. The Sweat,blood and tears, celebrations and heart breaks. You realise how proud you are to be involved in such a fantastic sport. I feel so honoured to be part England Boxing and this amazing team” 👊🏾💥