Jack Fenton and Walid Adenas

Jack Fenton and Walid Adenas

hop team

HOP Boxing Academy had mixed fortunes at the England Boxing National Quarter Finals

Billy Cable, Jack Fenton and Walid Adenas

All boxed very well and gave a good account of them selves in the national quarter finals stage of this years championships.

Billy Cable  (50-52kg, Class A – King Richards) lost on a close points decision of the judges but not after pushing Steven Duffy (LutonAcademy) all the way to the final bell.

Duffy came out strong at the start of the first round. Cable showed good footwork skills to avoid the fast start by his opponent. Billy came out fast for the second round with quick counters and combinations, switching from head to body to confuse his opponent and take the round. Duffy changed tactics again and showed good stamina and endurance to edge the last round to take a unanimous win. Cable was not disgraced at all knowing he gave his all in a very close encounter against one of England’s top boxers.

Jack Fenton  (52-54kg, Class A – St Edmunds) Jack Fenton (Class A, 52-54kg) boxing against a former foe in Tom Tovey (Downend and District ABC). Fenton starting at a blistering pace, using straight shots at range. Tovey decided to switch tactics, trying to smother Fenton’s work and score on the inside. Tovey making it a scrappy affair, trying to frustrate Fenton. Fenton worked hard to the body on the inside and stepping out to counter the raiding tactics from Tovey. Fenton winning every round.

Walid Adenas (Class B, 63-66kg – Priory) Walid Adenas (Class A, 63-66kg) in only his second season, found himself matched against 2x England National Champion and Tri-nations champion William Webber (Hoddesdon). Adenas boxed to instructions delivered by Paul Kapnisi (HOP Head Junior Coach), Webber came out blasting, looking to unsettle the inexperience Ahmed, but Ahmed kept great composure and weathered the pressure for the start of the first round. Adenas’ defensive skills were spot on, with Webber trying to force an early stoppage throwing fast and venomous shots from the outset. Adenas then came into his own for the second minute of the round, landing strong body shots to slow Webber down and force him onto the back foot. Webber could not keep the pace he started with, Adenas began to up the work rate, switching the attack from head to body and mixing it at all different ranges. Taking the second and third round, to take a very hard earned and well deserved win.

H.O.P Head Junior Coach – Paul Kapnisi was very happy with the boxer’s performance at the weekend and said they all boxed to instructions and did themselves, the club and the city very proud.  

H.O.P Head Coach – “Q” Shillingford MBE said all three boxers did very well against good opposition, these championships are very tough, as you are competing with boxers who are best in there region.  Next week they will face the London Champions, both Walid Ahmed and Jack Fenton will be ready.