Sid WilliamsAnother successful boxing show took place at the home of the Heart of Portsmouth Boxing Academy, Charter Sports centre as a select H.O.P academy side took on Western Counties Select on Saturday 19th March 2011 at the Charter Sports Centre, Greetham Street, Portsmouth, PO5 4HL.

The boxing show was started with a very entertaining skills bout;

Ebonie Jones (HOP) got her HOP debut off to a good start after completing a skills bout against Millie Robinson (St Austell).

HOP’s Hampshire ABA Champion Duane Foster, had a very well matched bout, however his non stop action packed style won him a unanimous decision of the judges against Conor Adaway (MayFlower ABC)

HOP Southern Area ABA Schoolboy champion Sid “The Kid” Williams, took on England International and National Schoolboy Champion Joe Temple (Newham ABC) Williams was Sharpe and boxed to instructions keeping the contest at long range, hitting his fast and very busy opponent with accurate and pain seeking jabs, as he moved forward, before landing with his heavy rear hand counters.

Sid WilliamsLuck was not with hot prospect Henry Eley (HOP) who boxed Morgan Hart (Downend ABC) it was a very hard fought contest and Eley was very unfortunate not to get the decision from the judges said HOP Junior coach Paul Kapnisi.

Elias Cole (HOP) won by a 2nd round stoppage as he had to much fire power for Harvey Boyce (Downend ABC), Cole aggressive two fisted attacks and powerful body shots forced the corner to retire their boxer after the second round.

HOP female boxer making her boxing debut was Leeann Bourne who’s non stop attacking style won her first bout with a unanimous decision of the judges against Dion luxon (King Alfred ABC). Both girls boxed very well.

HOP debutant Jack Fenton vs Harrison Strange (Waterlooville) proved a good bout for both boxers on their first outing. Strange got the decision of the judges.

HOP’s ABA National Minnows Champion Joe Hunt, clocked up another win against Joe Stacey (SWALES ABC), the bout was well matched; Hunt’s aggressive style and well timed counter punching swung the bout in Hunt’s favor.

Southern Counties ABA Champion and NABC Finalist Kieran Rodden (HOP) had a tough bout against Cory Smitherman (Trowbridge ABC) as did his younger brother Callum Rodden (HOP)against Alfie Haven (Bognor) both the brothers stepped up the pace in the third round and were eventual winners after two very well matched bouts.

Oliver Langton (HOP) made no mistakes in securing a unanimous decision of the judges making his record now 8 bouts won 7 as he stormed to victory against Marcus Preddy (City of Gloucester ABC). Langton’s southpaw jabbing style and heavy rear hands eased to victory against his Western Counties opponent.

Ollie Langton against Marcus PreddyAnother HOP boxer having his debut bout in Portsmouth was Driad Nurse vs Kristan Spangle (Mayflower). Nurse power punches just landed short from his more experienced opponent and Nurse lost on a point’s decision of the judges.

HOP’s Billie Madden had a tough bout as she took on Emily Harberfield from West C ABC. Billie’s true grit of non stop action and determination ensured she won by a unanimous decision of the judges.

Billie MaddenHOP’s Southern Counties ABA Champion Jack Featherstone gave away weight and experience as he took on Conor Wright (MKV). The bout was very exciting as featherstone charged forward looking to land his rear hand; the bout was very well matched. Wright took the points decision from the judges.

Mateusz Ziolkowski (HOP) picked up his third consecutive win, as he took on Callum Dawson (St Austell ABC), Ziolkowski boxed very well, picking his shots and keeping the opponent off balance a lot of the time.

HOP’s Harley Hodgetts (HOP) had a cat and mouse bout with the very strong and aggressive Bill Wadey (Bognor ABC). The bout was very entertaining with Wadey getting the decision of the judges after three good rounds of boxing.

Sam Ellwood (HOP) vs Nathan Morris (Southampton) proved another well matched bout with both boxers non stop action; Morris got the decision of the judges.

Conor Jepson (HOP) vs Jack Spear (Bognor) again was a very well matched bout both boxers landing well, Jepson with the cleaner and harder punches, Jepson got the decision of the judges.

Ed Murrison (HOP), also boxed very well against a strong and dangerous opponent, John O’Reilly (MKV ABC) however Murrisons pin point scoring punches and fancy footwork made all the difference as he ran out a unanimous decision of the judges.

Ed Murrison against John O'ReillyThe Home team won the team match with a score of 14 bouts to 7. ABA Advanced Coach and HOP Boss Q Shillingford was delighted with the event and especially how well all the boxers did. The bouts were great, all well matched; I know we won a lot of the bouts however the match making was very good and the performances of all the youngsters involved was a tribute to the ABA Coaches and clubs. A special mention to ABA Advanced Coach and Western Counties Regional Coach Kev Hay and H.O.P matchmaker Yinka Bello for matching the bouts very well.

HOP show cased 20 of their boxers from a bumper show of 22 contests. The day got off to a good start when “Q” received a call telling him that HOP’s Southern Counties Lightweight champion Robbie Matthews did not have to travel to great Yarmouth as his opponent and Essex Champion Jamie Homer (Rayleigh ABC) had just pulled out due to illness. So that now means HOP’s Robbie Matthews had a bye to the next round which is the ABA Senior quarter finals in great Yarmouth next Saturday.

Q said: naturally Robbie was disappointed as he was looking forward to his bout however we are all delighted that Portsmouth, have a boxer in the national quarter finals of the ABA Senior boxing championship 2011.

HOP would like to thank all of the ABA judges for giving up their time to officiate a marathon of a boxing show and ensuring that the event was a success.

Heart of Portsmouth Select v Western Counties Select


Winners of the bouts are highlighted


  • 1. Duane Foster (HOP) vs Conor Adaway (MayFlower)
  • 2. Sid Williams (HOP) vs Joe Temple (Newham)
  • 3. Henry Eley (HOP) vs Morgan Hart (Downend)
  • 4. Elias Cole (HOP) vs Harvey Boyce (Downnend)
  • 5. Leanne Bourne (HOP) vs Dion Luxon (Kings Alfred)
  • 6. Jack Fenton (HOP) vs Harrison Strange (Waterlooville)
  • 7. Joe Hitman Hunt (HOP) vs Joe Stacy (Swales)
  • 8. Callum Rodden (HOP) vs Alfie Haven (Bognor)
  • 9. Oliver langton (HOP) vs Marcus Preddy(Weston Warrior)
  • 10. Driad Nurse (HOP) vs Kristan Spangle (Mayflower)
  • 11. Billie Madden (HOP) vs Emily Harberfield (Sweatbox)
  • 12. Jack Featherstone (HOP) vs Conor Wright (MKV)
  • 13. Josh Quantick (HOP) vs Jake Demmery (Downend)
  • 14. Mateusz Ziolkowski (HOP) vs Callum Dawson (St Austell)
  • 15. Kieran Rodden (HOP) vs Cory Smitherman (Trowbridge)
  • 16. Harley Hodgetts (HOP) vs Bill Wadey (Bognor)
  • 17. Sam Ellwood (HOP) vs Nathan Morris (Southampton)
  • 18. Conor Jepson (HOP) vs Jack Spear (Bognor)
  • 19. Ed Murison (HOP) vs John O’Reilly (MKV)
  • 20. Lawrence Cartwright(Lawrence) vs Mark Mawson (St Austell)
  • 21. Jack Sayer (Swales) vs Isaac Carson (St Austell)