ebonie Jones EUBC 2

50kg Ebonie Jones England V Anika Scheuermann Germany

From the bell both boxers dashed out to the centre of the ring in a bid to take control, Ebonie picked off her opponent with good accurate punches, the German boxer wanted to hold on early to mess Ebonies work up. However Ebonie kept her shape and scored well with her back hand.

In the second round Ebonie had a nice controlled start, increasing her work rate and pushing her opponent onto her back foot, this had the desired effect as she scored well with her back hand to the head, at one point causing the referee to award a standing count to the German.

This frustrated the German which played into Ebonie’s hands In the last round Ebonie applied all the pressure to her opponent with the use of good footwork and varying her punches.

In the last seconds of the round Ebonie threw two phases of combinations, which knocked the German to the ropes Ebonie got a well-earned Unanimous points win placing her in the semi-final.

Ebonie will now box Lucy Garofalo of Italy who beat Pshenitsyna Liubov (RUSSIA)