Joe Hunt Joe and Ray Hunt

The Heart of Portsmouth Boxing Academy (HOP) was celebrating this weekend after Joe Hunt (Admiral Lord Nelson) moved forward into the ABA of England National Final (minnows 11yrs) stage of this year championships which are being held in Liverpool on Sat 26th February 2011. Hunt was introduced to boxing via the citiesABA National Boxing Awards School programme. In past tournaments, the minnows event has only been run at county level, however with the popularity of amateur boxing the ABA of England has increased the event tonational level over the last two years. Joe Hunt is very dedicated and trains most evenings at Heart of Portsmouth Boxing Academy. Ray Hunt the Father of Joe is delighted with his son’s commitment to the sport and has qualified as a ABA Boxing Tutor and now a ABA Boxing Coach and now coaches the young people at the HOP Boxing Academy most evenings.

Jack Featherstone (Camshill School) boxed his way into the National Schoolboy semi Finals being held on Saturday 19th February 2011; Jack will meet the London champion in the semi final and is one bout away from a national final place. Featherstone who was introduced to boxing via the cities ABA National Boxing Awards School programme is now on his 5th consecutive win. Featherstone kept on the National title trail, as he backed up his opponent with effective long range hard jabs, followed with solid rear hands. Featherstone won his 1/4 final stage at Bristol with a score of 20 – 10 of the judges.

Unfortunately his team mate and the talented Sid Williams (Admiral Lord Nelson) bowed out of this year’s National championship after a very close bout against last year’s national finalist. After an even first round, both boxers realized, they had their work cut out, the score finished 22 – 20 to Carman Thomas from Lydney ABC. This was a very good performance from Williams who put in a top class performance against a top class opponent.