New Heights in Amateur Boxing in SchoolsBoxing in schools and Education has reached a new high as sixteen year 11’s school students this week have reached the stage where they have passed 6 out of the 12 credits required, which is the half way mark of the GB National Boxing Educational Qualification.

The Charter Academy in Portsmouth is the first school to be doing the GB National Boxing Educational Qualification and also the base for the Heart of Portsmouth Boxing Academy (HOP).

HOP Boss “Q” Shillingford commented “again the bar has been lifted Camille Docoutamy joined HOP two seasons ago, for her to win a Gold medal at the Harrigay Cup at the open division is a fantastic feat and she can be very proud, HOP have big plans for both Ryan and Camille for next season, what they have proved by winning this European tournament is that we are on the right track and can mix it at national and international level, how far they go in their boxing is up to them. The HOP coaches have done a great job in their boxers preparation.

Coach Shillingford explained, Boxing Academy Coaches/Tutors deliver boxing all over the City of Portsmouth in both primary & secondary schools, colleges and the youth clubs, teaching the GB National Boxing Awards Programme “Non Contact” as an introduction to the sport of amateur boxing and then the youngsters who wants to do the contact boxing are joining the local ABA Boxing clubs.

In the Charter Academy old school sports hall now stands two permanent Boxing Rings, and over 30 hitting apparatus. HOP is in partnership with Charter Academy teaching boxing all day long, early morning Breakfast Club Boxing Sessions, PE curriculum for all year groups (GB National Awards Programme) GB National Boxing GCSE (ASDAN CoPE Boxing Qualification yr 10’s and year 11’s) and after school club twice a week, then in the evenings it is a registered and very active Amateur Boxing Club. HOP also opens in the school holidays for Boxing Camps where they deliver the GB National Boxing Awards programme.

The HOP in Charter Academy is leading the way in Boxing in schools in the country. The 35 youngsters (19 year 10’s and 16 year 11’s) currently studying the GB Boxing Qualification ASDAN CoPE (which is level 2 Equilivant to a GCSE Grade B), Dame Sharon Hollows (Principle of Charter Academy) said “The introduction to amateur boxing for Charter Academy has been fantastic, the sport has had a very positive impact on all our students, we have already had a very successful boxing show in September and are looking to hold our next boxing event in late February 2010. The sport and Educational Qualification is very new to a lot of the boys and girls however they are all enjoying learning the art of amateur boxing along with other key skills such as working with others, problem solving, research, discussion, improving own learning and performance all from boxing related activities. The students are looking forward to completing their GB National Boxing Educational Qualification in May 2010”.

Chairman of the ABA of England Keith Walters is delighted with the development of Boxing in Portsmouth, particularly at Charter Academy and commented “This is a huge step forward for the sport of Amateur Boxing and the intention is to roll out the Educational programme all over the country. The 6 level GB National Boxing Award scheme, provides an excellent entry route into the core skills of Amateur Boxing for recreational boxers or boxers joining boxing clubs and preparing for their first bout”. It also gains a credit per award towards the GB National Boxing Educational Qualification. (ASDAN CoPE).

ABAE CEO Paul King commented “Many ABA boxing coaches at all levels are delivering the GB National Boxing Awards in schools, youth clubs and of course their own boxing club and to gain more knowledge and understanding in teaching the GB Boxing National Awards in the schools or youth club environment, ABA Coaches are attending the GB Boxing Tutor Course; however for an ABA Registered Coach delivering the national awards in a school or local community, it is not a requirement to attend the GB Boxing Tutor course. They can order the GB Booklets on line from the Boxing Awards website”.

“Q” Shillingford explained: To support ABA Boxing Coaches wishing to further their involvement in boxing in schools and to be able to deliver the GB National Boxing Educational Qualification (ASDAN CoPE) we will be running four pilot GB National Boxing Qualification workshops across the country

PortsmouthFriday 5th, Feb 2010
LeicesterTuesday 9th, Mar 2010
LondonMonday 19th, Apr 2010
NewcastleSaturday 8th, May 2010
The course is designed for boxing coaches or teachers and people wishing to deliver the GB National Boxing Educational Qualification in Amateur Boxing in schools or from their boxing gym linked in with a local school; anyone wishing to attend the GB ASDAN CoPE Boxing course should log onto click downloads page then click on the Application form for which ever course they would like to attend that’s nearest to them.

To view the ASDAN CoPE Boxing Educational Qualification criteria click download and then click Boxing National Educational Qualification.

Or ring “Q” Shillingford on 07702745590 Email ASDAN Boxing Manager Andrew Cox on the following details: Office line: 01179543974/ mobile 07720812051