Ollie "Fast hands" Fenton

Ollie “Fast Hands” Fenton

Newly Crowned England Champion Oliver “Fast Hands” Fenton represented Southern Counties ABA V Wales on Friday 30th May 2014

32k Oliver Fenton (H.O.P) Vs 32k Koburn Crocker (Premier) Welsh Champion

Fenton always knew his opponent coming into the contest with a record of 9 bouts and nine wins was always going to be a handful.

But this year’s national champion took it all in his stride.

The bout was fought art a ferocious pace, both boxers landing accurate and heavy blows but it was Fenton’s aggression and stamina which turned the bout in his favour.  In the last round Fenton took control with some pain seeking jabs and solid rear hand counters to win on a split decision of the judges.