Greg BridetHeart of Portsmouth Boxing Academy senior Heavyweight (91kg) star Greg Bridét has been selected to join the new line up of Elite Athletes to start preparing for the 2016 Olympics in Rio De Janero, Brazil. The Official letters went out to many top talented boxers from all over the country, who have been regularly attending squad selection weekends and training sessions with team GB over the last 6 months, so that Team GB could make there selection on who would be or would not be selected at his time..

Bridét who had a sensational season, after winning the National U20 bts National title and then going on to reach the final of the Senior Elite tournament a few months later. Bridét is very excited and overwhelmed in being selected and can not wait to be involved in the Team GB set up at the English University of Sport in Sheffield.

Another of H.O.P’s talented and Elite boxers Light Heavy weight star Ryan Colquhoun received a GB letter of disappointment but also encouragement as he was told “not at this time, but, the door is still open.”

Bridét will start with Team on the 1st April 2013 officially, but has already got a GB training camp this weekend.

H.O.P Boss “Q” Shillingford said “Bridét is the real deal; he has had to face all kinds of upsets and disappointments on his way to GB level. This news is just deserved, the amount of effort Bridet has put into his training is unreal. Bridét lives in Basingstoke, attends Solent University in Southampton but chooses to box for Heart of Portsmouth Boxing Academy. This alone speaks for itself. The amount of travelling he does, just to train in Portsmouth, speaks volumes for his desire to win and be the best he can in his chosen sport. Bridet is a very determined young man, with a lot to offer amateur boxing.

Both Colqohoun and Bridét have been up and down the train tracks to Sheffield over the last six months for GB selection squads and we have always had good reports and feed back. The club was awaiting the letters this week and the result is with mixed emotions. The club is very disappointed for Colqohoun, but it is not over, we will get Colquhoun up there, where he should be with Bridet, we have to work harder, but that’s fine, the harder the fight the better the win. Colqohoun is nearly there and the door is till open.

H.O.P Senior Boxers Coach Colin Williams said: Bridét is a perfect example of what you put in, is what you get out. He is a natural athlete and a born winner. This selection makes all the late nights and travelling all over the country worth it.

The H.O.P three senior boxing stars Bridét, Colqohoun and the England newly ranked number three Robbie Matthews have all been asked to attend a South of England Squad on Sunday 10th February 2013, as potential team selection for an England v Sweden match in the near future.