Paris Redman and Coach Q Shillingford MBE

Paris Redman and Coach Q Shillingford MBE

HOP Female Boxer Paris Redman came out a point’s winner after a very hard fought contest against North of England Champion Samantha Brown (East Hull Boxing Club).

The boxing show was held in East Hull Boxing Show, Hull, Yorkshire.

Redman knew she had her hands full early on in the contest, when her opponent came out looking to trade punches in the middle of the ring.

That set the pace for the nonstop action bout with both boxers throwing hard and fast combinations.  With both rounds very close at the beginning of the third round, Redman had to use all her experience and ring craft to out maneuverer and out punch her relentless opponent.

A big sustained attack in the third round clinched victory for the battle worn Redman and a well-deserved points win.

HOP Coach “Q” Shillingford heaped praise for Redman, explaining that she had travelled 8 hours in a car to the venue then boxed soon after in her opponent’s back yard.  This was a great effort from Redman who has a big future in boxing, how far Redman goes in the sport is up to her.