DTC Centre Manager Steve Verrall, and the London Youth had a great day out in Portsmouth CityHeart of Portsmouth Boxing Academy hosted 9 young people from the Damilola Taylor Centre (DTC) based in Peckham, London over the summer holidays.

The visit is part of an agreement with the Damilola Taylor Centre in Peckham and Heart of Portsmouth Boxing Academy, Portsmouth to bring inner city young people to the South Coast as an educational visit.

DTC centre manager Steve Verrall said “this has been a fantastic day for our young people to see a city by the sea away from the everyday surroundings in “Peckham, London” is an achievement in itself. The young people were given some boxing training by “Q” in the H.O.P Boxing gym, including pad work, skipping technique, bag work and shadow boxing”.

Then we were driven around the city to see the naval base, HMS Warrior, historic dockyard, royal marine museum, the old fort. The sea side and fun fare. This has been a great day out and we are looking forward to returning again in the school holidays with more youngsters from the Peckham estates in the capital.

“Q” explained, I work a lot in all areas of London engaging lots of people with amateur boxing, I offered the visit to allow the young people a chance to see what the rest of the country looks like. The young boxers from H.O.P also enjoyed meeting and greeting the London youth and striking up new friendships.

Leeds has also shown an interest in bringing their youngsters for an educational visit in the school holidays.

H.O.P will look to work with other areas of the country to offer similar arrangements in the near future.