Southern Counties V Western Counties ShowAn all action Rep match took place as Southern Counties ABA took on Western Counties ABA for the first of the regional events. The show took place at the Heart of Portsmouth Boxing Academy, Charter Sports centre, Portsmouth on Saturday 24th September 2011. The 11 bout, team event was very close with the last bout deciding the winning team.

First bout of the event was the very gutsy Elias Cole (H.O.P/ SCABA) v Sam Elvins (WCABA/ Barton Hill ABC). Both boxers got off to a fast start from the bell.

Southern Counties V Western Counties ShowGeorge Stead (Southern Counties/ H.O.P) v Ashley Kitchen (WCABA/ Barton Hill) again was very tough bout and evenly matched.

Female Boxers Paris Dunford (SCABA/ Gosport ABC) v Adelaide Barker (Western Counties/ Downend) proved to be another close affair with both boxers landing plenty of punches and giving there all.

George Beeton (SCABA/Gloves on ABC) did not stop punching to win a points decision over the rugged Richard Cozzolino (WCABA/ Barton Hill)

Connor Landymore (SCABA/ Gloves on ABC) took on Cain Rolfe (WCABA/ Downend) Rolfe won on a point’s decision.

George Crawt (SCABA/ Guildford ABC) did very well against the very experienced Pawel Augustynik (WCABA/ Taunton). Augustynik won on a point’s decision.

Last year CYP Finalist Joshua Pritchard (SCABA/ Moneyfields) won on a point’s decision against Marcus Hodgkinson (WCABA/ Launceston).

An all action Open Class bout between Joshua Kennedy (SCABA/ Folkstone ABC) and Chris Adaway (WCABA/ Mayflower ABC) was well appreciated by the crowd.

An entertaining bout between Harvey Blair (SCABA/ Gosport ABC) and Jake Killem (WCABA/ Exeter ABC).

Matthew Hastings (SCABA/ Folkestone) boxed Callum Harper (WCABA / Watchet ABC) also three good rounds of boxing.

Southern Counties V Western Counties ShowWith the score at 5 bouts each to each region, the final bout was the decider. Mateusz Ziolkowski (SCABA/ H.O.P) v Aaron Edwards (WCABA/ Tiverton ABC) Both boxers gave their all for there team, a non stop action packed bout drew warm applause from the crowd as the Southern Counties boxer won on a points decision. Leaving the very fairly matched event at 6-5 to Southern Counties.

Southern Counties Secretary Shaun MacDonald was delighted with the event and commented; “it is good to see the boxers out early in the season, we will look to have the return match before Christmas. I would like to thank H.O.P Boxing Academy for hosting and organizing the event and Western Counties Regional Coach Kev Hay and ABA Advanced Coach “Q” Shillingford for matching a superb 11 bout boxing bill”.