Paddy Harmey, Chris Daley, Q Shillingford, Matt Bell, 
John Edwards, with the Southern Counties junior squadSCABA Squad in trainingThe Southern Counties ABA (SCABA) held their first ever residential “junior boxers” training weekend Friday, 19th and Sun 21st Aug 2011 at the Heart of Portsmouth Boxing Academy (H.O.P), Portsmouth Hampshire.

34 SCABA selected junior boxers and a few invited boxers attended the event in preparation for the forthcoming Rep match “Southern Counties v Western Counties” to be held on Saturday 24th September 2011 which is being staged again at H.O.P in Portsmouth.

The weekend squad commenced at 1pm on the Friday and completed at 12pm Sunday, the sessions included Skills and Drills DVD’s, types of running, pad work, different forms of sparring, themed gym sessions, ABA Rules quiz, motivational speaker, R&J guest Leslie Ball, Diet & nutrition discussions/Types of Circuit Training, out of season training.

SCABA Regional Coach Paddy Harmey (Crawley ABC) was delighted with the weekend squad, and very impressed with the behavior, attitude of all the boxers and also the standard of boxing within the region. Paddy said, this weekend has given us an opportunity to look and work with our junior team prior to the start of the season. We will be looking to hold more of the same for all our boxers in the future, that way giving the Regional Coach and the SCABA training team the opportunity for talent ID and work on talent development in the region. Paddy would also like to thank the SCABA training team Chris Daley, Matt Bell, John Edwards and “Q” Shillingford for hosting and organizing the event.

Southern Counties ABA Secretary Shaun McDonald (H.O.P) is delighted with the initiative by the SCABA training team in putting the weekend together and said “This can only benefit our boxers in the region, the youngsters had a great weekend and the Southern Counties are supporting the SCABA training team all the way. We are looking forward to our Rep match against Western Counties in late September”.