HOP boxer Walid Adenas with coaches Sami Elsamanabi and Colin Williams

HOP boxer Walid Adenas with coaches Sami Elslamanabi and Colin Williams

Walid Adenas marked his entry into this year’s youth championship with a frenetic win against England International and seasoned boxer Sid Williams (Golden Ring, Southampton).

Adenas had to give away height, reach, experience and over a year in age. As he took on Seasoned England International boxer Sid “The kid” Williams.

However, Adenas stuck to the game plan and tactics prepared in the gym at the Heart of Portsmouth Boxing Academy.

Head Coach of HOP “Q” Shillingford explained, initially we were concerned but the HOP     coaching team prepared a strong and strategic game plan and tactic to overcome all the odds. 

We knew it was going to be a tough encounter and we knew Williams had been away to Spain on training camps, so we were quite clear on what laid ahead of us.  Once we all agreed to the tactic and got the plan in motion we all grew in confidence very quickly in how we were going to win against all the odds. We were concerned about the contest as Adenas has only had 14 bouts and only been boxing for three years whilst Williams has had over 40 contest and has been boxing more than double that time and had been selected to box for England recently.

Sid Williams is a very clever and skillful boxer, the only way to defeat this type of opponent was to out muscle and outwork him for the whole 3 x 3 min rounds. Walid Adenas stuck to the game plan to the letter. He closed Williams down and drew him into a fight. Williams boxed very well and seemed to have the answers in the first round but and as was expected the more the bout went on, the more Adenas was told to increase the tempo and move up through the gears.  In the second round the relentless attacks began to take their toll as Williams was being told not to hold as Adenas was relentlessly swarming forward.  In the third Adenas went to full throttle hitting from head to body with two and three phase attacks forcing the referee to deduct a point off Williams for constantly holding on and trying to tie and slow Adenas down.  However Adenas was on a mission to seek and destroy at all costs.  Resulting in a unanimous decision of the judges in favor of Adenas.

Adenas was back in action the next day, which was a semi-final for the Southern Counties Championship against Surrey Champion Bradley Whitear (Smallholdings).  Adenas again stormed the first round copying the evening before and the opponents coach withdrew his boxer before sending him out for the second round.

Shillingford commented: Walid Adenas has matured into the youth category naturally.

Last season he beat a Great Britain Champion in the youth championships so he proved he can mix it with the best juniors in the country and this weekend he has proven he can mix it with the best youths in the country.  We are expecting big things from Walid Adenas.

The Final of the Southern Counties Championship which is the route to the England Youth National Final will be in Kent on Saturday 31st January 2015.

HOP have 4 boxers in the:

England Youth Championship

Ebonie Jones    51kg

Parie Redman   64kg

Walid Adenas    64kg

Ed Ayres          81kg

“HOP Boxing Show Success”

The Heart of Portsmouth Boxing Academy (HOP) had another busy weekend with their boxers. The HOP open boxing show had 14 well matched bouts with plenty of action. 

Bouts included two HOP skill bouts (Sam McKeown and Henty Powell) and 2 England youth Championships bouts) Numbers swelled as the boxing commenced at Charter Community Sports Centre.

First HOP boxer on was Sonny Driscoll who had to give away experience as he took on Liam Clarke (Finchley, London).  After three very hard fought rounds Driscoll got the decision and a good win on his HOP debut.

Harry Brown lost on a split decision of the judges on a very close bout with both boxers giving there all, the decision could of gone either way.

HOP’s Tyler Hall put in a first class performance against Kane Constan (Finchley, London) after a very well matched contest, it was Hall’s accuracy and timing that won him the bout of a unanimous decision of the judges.

Debut bout for Abid Hussein saw him go down on points against Jiyan Oguz (Fichley, London) after three well fought rounds. Hussein did himself very proud.

HOP’s Elliot Roach took on James Wilkin (Cloves ON, Waterlooville) both boxers gave there all in the first rounds but Roach accuracy and work rate caught up with Wilkin and the referee stopped bout in the second round. In favor of HOP’s Elliot Roach on his HOP debut.